Aotearoa is an archipelago dominated by two large islands with a number of smaller islands. The Isles (as they are usually called) are surrounded by a thick fog which no ship has ever returned from. This same fog also stops magic in its tracks. The Isles are comprised of 11 Regions with varying levels of centralized power. Some have tightly patrolled borders, some are little more than wastelands inhabited only by nomads. Borders are fluid, and, in many places outside of the cities, people are often unaware that they are citizens of a nation at all.

History and Lore of Aotearoa

Aotearoa was once the home of a vast Paraclesian Empire.

The feywild only recently started spilling into the world, past few centuries bringing the Eladrin and Gnomes with it. With the fey came the spark of magic to men. One faction of the elves fears this power among men and decided to destroy the fey, or at least send them back. The second faction wants to protect the fey as revered ancestors. This caused the split in Elven nations, and started the war. Around this time, more people than usual started disappearing from expeditions to Paraclesian ruins, and rumors speak that some of the ancient wonders have begun to awaken once more.


The Regions within Aotearoa are:

  • Osgert
    The region farthest to the south, Osgert is also one of the wealthiest nations in Aotearoa and home to the only real city in the Isles, Gulfport.
  • Nencelduar
    The first of the two Elf Kingdoms, Nencelduar has been at war with the splintered Thuledim-Ortorath to the North for several Human generations.
  • Gisborne
    A human barony and the only human region to utilize slavery. Home to the Poverty Bay pirates.
  • Tyclana
    A small human kingdom with large Fey and Elven populations.
  • Kivansthyr
    This nation is ruled by a Dragon Queen and is populated by primarily reptilian races.
  • Greymouth
    The northern sections of this region turn into tundra and most of the population is situated in the southern coast. Northernmost, tundra-arctic conditions. Halfling nomads wander the plains and deserts between the coasts.


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