Drinking Games

Everyone likes alcohol, right? Here is a sample list of drinking games (with rules) found in the campaign.

Marathon Drinking

Whoever lasts longest, wins!
Though some might call it a test of stupidity, the drinking contest is one of the most ancient forms of ‘civilized’ competitions. Competitors take turns ingesting drinks of alcohol, and the person who can drink the most without passing out or vomitting is the winner.


Each competitor drinks either in turn or simultaneously. After each drink, the drinker must at least be able to put down his glass without dropping it (Dex check DC 0). Most competitions require all participants to drink the same alcohol, but friendly competitions might give some people ‘handicaps’ by letting them either drink weaker alcohol or smaller portions.

Speed Drinking

Some taverns hold competitions of speed drinking, where drinkers race. Usually they must see who can drink a bottle or large mug fastest, or perhaps several shots or cups. Whoever finishes all of her drinks first wins. If drinkers finish on the same round, whoever’s Fortitude roll is highest wins, or they must have a run-off match.


An ancient game among Orcs, Drinksmash involves the two things Orcs love, drinking and smashing. The players take turns punching each other, but before each punch, they must drink a large mug of Orcish Ale Stout.

The game is initiated when one player challenges the other. The challenged player then decides who punches first. That player then downs a full mug of the ale and then punches the other player as hard as he can. The player cannot move to dodge, or else he loses, but if the punch misses or connects but deals no damage, it still counts as a turn. The last Orc standing wins, though usually the ale does them in before the damage.

Most drinksmash games either aren’t wagered on, or have only minor wagers, like beads or necklaces. They are normally just used as a show of might to gain respect.


See the drinking rules in Chapter One. Before each Orc’s turn, he must quaff a large mug of Orcish Ale Stout (12 AU). Then he punches the other character in the face, usually taking full advantage of Power Attack if he has that feat. Since the other character must accept the hit, he acts as if his Dexterity were 0, so hitting should be easy, until the combatants get too drunk.

Drinking Games

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