Once a tranquil people, the Elves are now split into warring factions because of the appearance of the Fey in Aotearoa.

Ancestor Worship

The Elves, rather than worshiping the gods like most other races, most Elves revere the ancestors of their House. Elven clerics often receive their blessings from the honored dead, though there are some who worship one god or another.


Because of their ancestor worship, many Elves believe that the Eladrin are divine messengers from the afterlife.

Elves in Nencelduar do not generally share this belief and are at war with their neighbors to the north because of it.


Nencelduarians are generally stern and serious and rarely trust frivolous people. They associate overt show of emotion with the influence of the Fey.
Elves from Thuledim-Ortorath are generally joyous and celebratory.


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