Paraclesian Empire

The ancient Empire that used to rule the Isles.

Paraclesians were known for their wonders of clockwork and magic combined, the remnants can be seen in ruins to this day. Millennia ago (so far back that only the oldest of dragons remember and even the Elves lost record of it) the use and making of these wonders were lost with the Paraclesians themselves when the entire race vanished from the isles. Legend states that this is when the fog descended to the waters around the Isles. There are a few minority groups that believe that everyone but the Paraclesians was taken and that this is an afterlife or something. The remains of the road system still exists and people use it, though it’s turned rough in many areas.

Believed to be creators of the Warforged.

Nobody knows what they looked like, how they lived, or how to read their language.

Paraclesian Empire

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